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Straight Or Curvy?

Skiny. Skiny women are all around. In magazines, on the TV, on the internet, everywhere! And there are hardly any women of different shapes. Which only makes the ordinary women feel bad. And stressed and self-consious. Which is not good.

And many people realize it, which is the reason why a movie called Straight/Curve is now being produced. The aim of the movie is to achieve more size diversity in fashion industry. Right now, the movie is in production and the producers are trying to raise money through Kickstarter but if everything goes well, the movie could be finished in autumn 2016.

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Running Scenarios You Are Experiencing

Runners will be able to relate. Because they know that running is not easy. And it is definitely not always the same. Is it? Sometimes running in the rain is not pleasant at all. And sometimes you are not feeling happy while running. To be honest, every run is different. And here are some scenarios you might be experiencing as a runner.

1. When you do not feel like running.enhanced-25227-1440005998-7

2. When you are running in the rain.enhanced-31387-1440006152-1

3. When you are angry.enhanced-24430-1440006052-4

4. When you are too hungry.enhanced-14820-1440006212-1

Do you have your own type of running? Let us know!

You Should Watch This Video Before You Start Dieting

If you are not satisfied with your body and you want to do something about it, you should know that exercising is not enough. You also have to eat healthy in order to lose some weight. However, before you start you should learn some facts about fat.

Because with wrong information you would end up not losing weight but perhaps even gaining some more! And I bet that it is not what you want. So that is why you should watch this video! Then, when you will understand how it all works you will be ready to start your new life. So good luck!

Young beautiful business woman panic

Why Medication Fails Us

Anxiety-Panic-Attacks-website-(good)--copy_Page_1_Image_0001Medication isn’t real solution

Ask anyone who has had panic attacks and they will tell you about the medication that they have been on. Sure the medication helps us chill out and there are people who would truly be a mess without it, but it isn’t a real solution for most of us. It is just a bandage that covers our panic, it doesn’t heal us. Joe’s program is designed to get to the core of our panic attacks, to the nasty little parts and rip it from our lives. I don’t know about you but I really want to be freed from anxiety and not drugged up so that I can just endure it. For me it is about finding a real solution and not just pretty window dressing. It is my belief that most anxiety sufferers feel the same exact way. But according to Joe and his clients, we don’t have to live a life fearing panic attacks.

Joe Berry

What does Joe Berry really know that doctors don’t know? I’m not sure we can do a cutout list of what all Joe knows vs doctors who use standard methods of treating anxiety (pills and therapy) but I think that we should judge Joe Berry based on his results. What we can tell is that he has helped a lot of people and that he can likely help us. Go view testimonies from his program and you will see people just like you and me. Sometimes it just takes seeing that there are others like you and seeing the steps that they took to get out of their situation.

anxiety-new-300x225Joe’s program

What now? I would think that the next best step is to start Joe’s program to see how it will work for you. I say go into it with the desire to make it work and to put a lot of effort into it. The thing is that getting past things like panic and anxiety aren’t easy and it takes dedication to stick to a program that will help you get better.

Do this for 3 months and then report back your results.


HIIT will help you get perfect abs

10 minute trainerNow we will look at some of the best exercises you can do to make your abs pop. Once of my favorite exercises is the bicycle crunch. Instead of doing a typical crunch, you will be moving your legs as if peddling on an invisible upside down bicycle. This exercise is extremely effective and will definitely strengthen your abs. Other great exercises to do include the plank, russian twist, hanging leg raise, sit up etc.

HIIT training

One of the best ways to burn off fat is to incorporate HIIT training in your exercise routine. HIIT training is called high intensity interval training and you will be doing short periods of exercise at high intensity, followed by a short period of rest. For example, you can do 30 seconds of high intensity burpees, which is then followed by 30 seconds of rest, then another set of burpees for 30 seconds. This should be done for a fixed period of time such as 20 – 30 minutes. This type of exercise burns a lot of calories and will definitely help your abs to become flatter if you do it a few times per week.

Losing a huge amount of weight

People who use the program have reported losing a huge amount of weight. You would be surprised with how quickly you can get fit with just ten minutes to spare. The workout is intense and you will definitely be dripping sweat by the time it is over. You will feel the burn in every part of your body, but this is a good thing. People have reported losing vast amounts of weight with this system and it will take you where you want to go.

musclesHIIT routines

There are many great HIIT routines that you can follow, but if you are now beginning, you should keep it simple. This means that you can focus on doing simple circuits such as 30 seconds of burpees followed by 30 seconds of rest, then 30 seconds skipping rope, then 30 seconds of rest. This can then repeated 10 – 15 times for total workout time of 20 – 30 minutes. This type of interval training is excellent for dropping fat and will definitely help to carve out your perfect abs.



What Are The Benefits Of The Ab Flex Belt?


Research has indicated that this exercise equipment is one of the most effective means of reducing weight and removing stubborn belly fat. Studies have shown that the belt itself follows an ergonomic structure and can be utilized by all people willing to try it out. It is also lightweight and easily transported; therefore the ab flex belt can be utilized in any environment at any time.


Some individuals may be wary to utilize an item that emits electrical impulses to stimulate muscle movement; however, this electrical muscle stimulation treatment is one used by numerous physical therapists. The therapists utilize electrical muscle stimulation treatment on individuals who have suffered from severe physical injury and are required to increase movement in the muscles.

Another benefit to consider is the additional physical effects the use of this belt can offer. In addition to losing weight, the ab flex belt can increase calorie burning, sexual drive, cardiac functioning, and can even contribute to the development of a positive attitude. Once the individual experiences a newfound confidence they are more likely to engage in a lifestyle change.

Not all individuals will require the same amount of electrical impulse treatment; therefore it is possible to set the belt to the most suitable program. By adjusting the setting, either automatically or manually, the impulses sent to the muscles will be regulated according to one’s abilities.

A final advantage to using this piece of equipment is the lack of effort and physical exertion from the individual. Unlike doing exercises, this item will not require too much attention and will not place one at risk of back injury.

flex-beltFinal Words On The Matter

Losing weight can be difficult considering the high-paced environment of contemporary society. In order to overcome this difficulty it is necessary to utilize more convenient and adaptive means, such as the ab flex belt.

Cooking Without Meat

A good lunch can really make your whole day better, right? And especially when the lunch is both delicious and healthy! And light! Because that is just what you need during the summer. And that is why you should try these meatless recipes this week! Because even though you are not a vegetarian, you should explore some new tastes! Just like these:

1. Easy Curry Carrot Slaw With Smoky Maple Tempeh – find out more here.


2. Avocado and Egg Spaghetti Squash Boats – the recipe can be found here.


3. Mini Cauliflower Pizza With Greek Yogurt Pesto – the recipe is here.

edit-17086-1438022086-3Enjoy your lunch! I bet that you are going to love these new dishes!

You Should Pack These On Your Vacations!

Packing is the worst part of every vacation! Seriously. It just always takes so much time, once you start doubting whether you have packed everything that you were supposed to. Just do not lose hopes. Most of the time, you always pack everything and rarely forget something really important. Just think about all the things you are planning to pack and ask yourself a question: Do I REALLY need all of these?

On the other hand, there are also things that you should pack and they are listed here:

1. In Flight Comfort Kit

2. Charger!

3. Lingerie Bag

4. Handheld Electronic Game For Kids

Can you come up with something else? I bet that everybody has their own personalized packing list. So, good luck! And enjoy your vacation!


Blender Recipes You Have To Try!

Apparently, the only thing you need today to prepare delicious foods is a good blender. And then, you have infinite possibilities of cooking. And when I say infinite, I mean it. From muffins, through smoothies to soups. And here we have some recipes for you to try now! They are simple and delicious!

1. Blender Banana Oatmeal Muffins – is anything better than a healthy mufins?grid-cell-17589-1437495789-19

2. Banana Berry Acai Bowl  – perfect for breakfastenhanced-9711-1437166027-1

3. Hearty Artichoke Tomato Soup – delicious soup great for, well, any opportunityenhanced-20699-1436554673-2Enjoy!

With These Products You Will Wake Up Gorgeous

Women love to take care of their looks. Ain´t that right? They are spending a lot of time every day only to look fresh and beautiful. If you want to wake up looking awesome every morning, here are some products which can help you. All you have to do is follow our advice and you will be waking up looking fabulous every morning!

1. Applying facial oil before going to bed will make your skin soft and hydrated.

2. Apply a face cream and minimize the squishing of your face during the night. The best way of sleeping is face up!

3. Use lip tratment with ceramids. Apply before bedtime.

You will be surprised by the way your skin will look! ultimate-beauty-sleep-400x400

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